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Friday, 12 October 2012

Mostly summer recaps part 1

i was editing my pictures and realised that there were some lovely ones of our summer adventures that i hadn’t shared with you so there’ll be a few recaps in the next posts of what you missed about our summer jaunts!. its always hard to blog over the summer, lots of kid time, watering and gardening in those long summer light evenings so it seems appropriate that as the nights draw in and we head towards Halloween and Bonfire night that we live a few of those heady 32 degree days!!

first review is our lovely trip on the william clifton with the glorious Holts. we went through the longest canal tunnel in the UK which was nice and cool for having lunch. It was one of the hottest days of the year. We stopped at Stoke Bruerne for ice creams and visited the canalside blacksmith which was fantastic. Stokie Bloke got a wrought iron door handle for his shed which made him very happy and the kids learnt all about the “tunnel dragon”from the very colourful blacksmith! I was even allowed to take the helm with Chris’s guidance though by steering left something to be desired!

I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

 Jul Aug 2012 072 Jul Aug 2012 067 Jul Aug 2012 066
Jul Aug 2012 071 Jul Aug 2012 065 Jul Aug 2012 076
Jul Aug 2012 069 Jul Aug 2012 078 Jul Aug 2012 077

second outing was the same weekend when O and I visited Lollibop festival courtesy of Carissa! it was fun though slightly overwhelming for both of us and again 32 degree heat. I felt so sorry for Clifford the Big Red Dog and the amazing polar bear animatronic thingy. All O wanted to do was dance at the Pop/Tiny Pop stand with Carissa and crew! i don’t know how they did it without melting!

Jul Aug 2012 048 Jul Aug 2012 054
Jul Aug 2012 057 Jul Aug 2012 060

last up the only decent tomato – featured once already i know, can you tell how proud of it  i was!

Jul Aug 2012 061 Jul Aug 2012 062

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