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Friday, 23 November 2012

Mostly dogs

Its a secret for the kids but on new years eve a little english pointer puppy will be joining the Greatrex family! This is him at two weeks....

... And 4 weeks ( he's on the right)

So very excited and cant wait to see their faces when we go to pick him up in Leominster on 31st dec. but til then its is a big big secret so no letting on. We had decided on a pointer after discover dogs at earls court two weeks back. Kids brushing a canine mouth here, little do they know how much work is coming their way!!!!

We met the southern pointer association and O loved Ruby seen here. I am trying out names for our new arrival and will keep you posted!

On the way there and back we found a fab vintage furniture shop at Bringsty. Stokie Bloke liked the vintage vibe too surprisingly. There was some gorgeous stuff and all painted in Annie Sloan paint.

What a weekend, only topped off by finding 4 lovely Ercol dining chairs for 25 quid at a charity shop locally. Will be selling them on as they are worth a fair bit more!


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  1. SO excited about the pupster. You must video the kids faces. Love the chairs - bet you change your mind and keep them!! Z xx