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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Mostly christmas baking

I did the post a few days ago and lost it! So here it is again...

Marshmallow snowmen. Three marshmallows on a stick then covered in white candy melts. I used liquorice for eyes and butterscotch blobs for buttons. I had to buy some back at the school fair though... Tat wasn't the idea!

Three minute fudge has been my favourite idea. Chocolate,condensed milk ( am i single handedly eating the nations supplies of the stuff?) and flavourings such as nuts or raisins or dried cranberries or butterscotch blobs. Melt for 3 to 6 mins in your microwave until really boiling then pour into a lined 9"by 9" tin and fridge to set. Try not to eat all at once!


Quinces in brandy , not sure about these but will feed the xmas cake with it, rather than drink it. The crabapple vodka was amazing by the way.

Ground chestnuts made by my fair hand and ready to through into crumbles, cakes and christmas stuffing. Have frozen it now as it doesn't keep in the jar at all!

Must go and see how the gingerbread are cooling down.


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