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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Mostly festive spirit


I have been christmas decorating with a vengence though i will probably rue it when i have to pack it all away again in January! here’s the front room mantelpiece. nov dec 2012 020

the advent candles are held in coloured foil cup case wrappers to stop the wax going everywhere, or you could also use some old glasses with foil in the bottom. the shapes on the twigs (foraged from the allotment) were made with air-drying clay and making with letter stamps and felt tip pen ends (which look like snowflakes) and were hugely successful. I think they were inspired by last years Prima Christmas magazine – very good source of inspiration. the bottles were found on a walk last year and were decorated with coloured paper, lace, beads and found objects. I rather like those. the plant holder on the left should have narcissi in it. ahem note to self must go get some! the bells on the twigs were a charity shop find last year in Howarth on our girls weekend away. the small liqueur glasses thrifted (saw some more lovely ones today if anyone is after some…?) also added this beautiful pink glass vase. i have also made some paper roses but they don’t show up here so will add those later. i found them on a brilliant paper blog which i now cannot remember – doh note to self start using Pinterest!!!

nov dec 2012 044

nov dec 2012 022

nov dec 2012 021

I have also found a few hundred jiffy bags stashed away while i was clearing the purple room so i decided to recover them. there are loads of these envelope recycling ideas on the web. I just placed by envelope with flap up onto some nice thick paper (wallpaper is excellent) and then measure around it a few mm over. cut the flap off and measure another piece which is shorter.

nov dec 2012 017

sandwich the jiffy bag between the two outer paper covers and hold in place with bulldog clips. sew around the edge with about 5mm seam. Add some double sided tape to the longer flap so you can secure when you want to post it. et Voila as they say..

nov dec 2012 019

deirdre you are the first recipient ( though yours is slightly different!) have a wonderful birthday my dear!!!

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