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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Mostly front room makeover

since may i have reclaimed our lovely front room from storage for the shed to kids playroom. here’s some pics. i re- upholstered the ercol style sofa myself at my sewing classes and over many months it seemed at the time. however i am rather pleased with the result although quite protective of my sofa and get a bit annoyed when kids bounce on it. its not a bouncy sofa but a nice sitting quietly one!

Jul Aug 2012 010

note the crazy giraffe with lampshade on his head. not sure where i was going with one!

Jul Aug 2012 011

Jul Aug 2012 013

the kids love it which is the main thing and we spend alot of time sitting at the table in the window making things by natural light! this weekend gone it was snowflake and bauble decorations for the window itself. more in the next post which will at least be a bit christmassy!

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  1. Looks gorgeous. Should it be called the "Sit down and Shush" sofa??! Z xx