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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Mostly outdoors

inbetween the torrential rain we have had a few glorious days of sun and frost. here’s some recent pictures before i start on the festive posts.

nov dec 2012 002 nov dec 2012 004
nov dec 2012 010 nov dec 2012 003
nov dec 2012 007 nov dec 2012 006

a fabulous hoar frost which lasted about 2 days in the end. the spiders webs were our favourite though the holly is pretty festive too!

Our very local nature reserve has had a revamp and a sculpture trail added and will definitely amongst our new “walkies” areas in the New Year. I also discovered Instagram at the same time and even managed to upload a picture to facebook from it totally by accident. its amazing that i get better phone reception in the middle of the woods than in the house but there you are…

Copy of nov dec 2012 027 Copy of nov dec 2012 032
nov dec 2012 029 nov dec 2012 038
nov dec 2012 039 nov dec 2012 035

It’s a really lovely area and there is still more to discover there.

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