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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Happy new year

After a fairly resounding disastrous Christmas Break we are all back to normal health and routine. I have even managed some new year crafting! Yay

These little cuties were made for the kids and inspired by my huge bag of scraps and Marie Claire Idees book called DouDous a coudre. O got an Owl which she wanted button eyes in and J got a dog which he chose the materials for himself. I have ordered the book for more inspiration so look for more doudous to come!

Courtesy of sharon lots of soft stuffing so made a pouffe from my Homes and Antiques Upcycling book. It was easy to make but needed to be bigger and made more circular and less like a pumpkin! Mum has offered it a home though so that is good news.

Next up lovely linen bags made from my vintage stash. Two both made by adding an external casing from ribbom. The velvet ribbon was my favourite but the lacy bit on the white one also looks good. Useful for travel laundry bags or pj bags on the end of the bed. The cord is waxed cotton.


Last of all snow pics. Looks like we have loads more snow to come this weekend. The kids are thrilled.


Yes it was getting dark and yes i was frozen! I had a good excuse for new warm jumper and boot purchases today though! Nb i did not make the imprasive snowman but i did lend it my hat and sing "the power of love" a la John Lewis adverts! No male snowman appeared though....


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