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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Mostly chickens!

Lots of things are conspiring to make me consider keeping chickens recently. However I am not as committed as my animal loving friend Zola! She and I went on a chicken keeping afternoon at Hen Corner in Brentford at the weekend. We dodged the showers and the sun came out for a while too. Sara Ward, who runs the course, was very generous in her knowledge, her time and her cakes! Her goody bags were filled with information, a box of 4 eggs, chilli and apple jelly and bay leaves: totally charming. Whilst O and I didn' t cuddle a chicken, Zola and Pheebs did. When we came back outside we found 6 lovely newly laid eggs from the amazing Omlet Eglu and O was thrilled to carry them back to the house. "They are very hot!"she said. We had boiled eggs for breakfast on Sunday!

If it weren' t for the fox I have seen in our garden every day this week, then maybe I would consider it... Watch this space.

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