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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Mostly flapjacks

I struggle with flapjacks. I never manage to make any that stick together and usually end up with a tin of greasy, oaty crumbs. Very depressing. My most recent disaster was Nigella 's recipe (yes i know! Nigella!) and it used up a whole block of butter to boot. I mean if you are gonna get a coronary at least do it with a recipe that works! I added some chocolate in the hope that it would aid the sticking properties. Nope: the usual crumbly, greasy mess. So some research happened and after reading long blog posts about the type of oats, the merits of syrup v honey, adding flour (apparently a no no), I found a recipe that may be a success at last. It seems that there are two flapjack camps, the crunchy or the chewy. Most people do seem to favour the chewy, as I do, but for years I seem to have been trying to make crunchy (when actually it was chewy i wanted - doh). Now I have seen the light and Dan Lepard's Halva flapjack recipe. So at this moment in time this recipe is cooking away and fingers crossed it is what I am after.

Not only does it contain condensed milk, possibly my favourite ingredient EVER, but I had some tahini paste to use up and the rest of the muesli mix so a win win situation all round.

NEWSFLASH I can confirm success at last!!!!! I used golden syrup not honey and no extra sesame seeds or fruit, just what was in the muesli mix. It is yumptious. However my buddy Nicki has found a recipe on Good Food that she was happy with so maybe the search continues afterall.......!

I did have a better picture than this but its gone somewhere into the ether.

I made these cute Valentines Owls with hot choc and marshmallows inside for Johns school teachers and they were really sucessful. I am sorry but I cant remember where on the web I got the tutorial but i think i found it via Pinterest. They are made from cardboard kitchen rolls.


J made a box with Daddy a week ago. I am not sure what it is for but am sure it will be a useful box!



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