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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Mostly crafting

Today i held my first "crafty kittens" craft morning at home. Slightly reduced numbers due to cancelations but the girls who attended are friends of O and seemed to enjoy themselves. The chocolate was a favourite but we also managed to make origami plant pots and plant butternut squash seeds as well as decorate the bags they took everything home in. I am going to plan some more sessions for the summer hols so wish me luck. My friend Rhoda and I are going to run a mums to be class too, making 4 things for a new baby. We just need to get our heads together.

Here are some action shots of crafts in progress.


Then the kids and i went mad a decorated a lampshade in funky Ikea Tidney material, coloured in felt pens and fabric glue.

We also met some new friends and neighbours over the hols and O drew this fab picture of them all!


Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Mostly eating!

Oh dear the easter egg pile has dwindled, mainly because of me. Lets hope the kids don't notice....I have made some lovely healthy oat cookies for them to make up for that lapse in self control. From a tesco recipe and very yummy.

I had a go a homemade gnocchi. Yes mad I know and though I totally used the wrong potatoes, I did get to use my potato ricer for about erm, the second time ever, so that alone felt very virtuous. The results were actually ok, much lighter than shop bought and rendered more delicious by frying them in oil, Nigella style. She calls them scallopini or something similar.

I have been re watching HFW's River Cottage Everyday. A fab series and it inspired me to revisit my stack of cook books and use them. So last week on easter hols, the kids had blueberry pancakes for breakfast and I even tried making my own yoghurt and some banana oat thickies. All massively satisfying on several levels. Mainly my waistline level!


With the remainder of the blueberries and yoghurt I made these scrummy blueberry and lemon scones via Willowday blog. I tweaked the recipe to add cream of tartar and baking powder to make them rise a bit more. They had a lovely flavour. I am never confident using us cup measurements and this needed less liquid or more flour to me but easily remedied.

Link here

Happy eating!