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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Mostly crafting

Today i held my first "crafty kittens" craft morning at home. Slightly reduced numbers due to cancelations but the girls who attended are friends of O and seemed to enjoy themselves. The chocolate was a favourite but we also managed to make origami plant pots and plant butternut squash seeds as well as decorate the bags they took everything home in. I am going to plan some more sessions for the summer hols so wish me luck. My friend Rhoda and I are going to run a mums to be class too, making 4 things for a new baby. We just need to get our heads together.

Here are some action shots of crafts in progress.


Then the kids and i went mad a decorated a lampshade in funky Ikea Tidney material, coloured in felt pens and fabric glue.

We also met some new friends and neighbours over the hols and O drew this fab picture of them all!


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