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Friday, 10 May 2013

Mostly eggs and chooks

Yes the excitement at the arrival of the chickens was unsurpassed, except for Stokie Bloke who announced that he'd wanted a dog and had persisted in being grumpy! Anyway he has done his best to kill them off by jet washing bright next to their coop but amazingly Esther produced a lovely brown egg during the process! John was very excited then he dropped it.... On a paving slab so we could rescue it and fry it for lunch!

After killing myself putting up the Eglu ( digging up a raised bed, shifting the earth and figuring out how it all went together) we toddled down the road to the Chicken Man's to pick up Princess Esther and Coconut. It was worth it all for J to say "i love eggs mummy and i love my chickens! Thank you mummy "

All unprompted!

Princess Esther is laying medium light brown eggs and has laid a double yolker, while Coco is smaller and lays small white eggs. She is more highly strung than Esther and also a lot greedier!
So far after one week the excitement of letting the chooks out and collecting their eggs has not worn off.
O has woken me at 6.30am everyday to tell me to get up and sort the chickens.....I wonder if that will wear off soon!

Tonight I've seen mr fox looking at the run so have chased him off with a stick. Grrrrr. The Eglu has been amazingly foxproof so far so fingers crossed it stays that way.

Chicken Party for Johns birthday on the weekend!


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