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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Mostly solar

Sorry the pics still aren't loading properly grrrr. Anyway pressing on as i've got lots to tell you,: we've gine solar!!! Very exciting and very last minute though we have considered it for some time. The Holts are solar and then on holiday in Cornwall Stokie Bloke saw lots of wind turbines and eco stuff so that spurred him on. A local firm fitted it amazingly quickly and we've have over 70kwh most days. Hurrah and double hurrah. Economically its a no brainer, and as we put ours on the shed roof, no ugly roof on the house either and much cheaper installation costs too. Some not very exciting pics below, but you get the drift. I have been busy cutting up the tonnes of wood we needed to get out of the way so no shade falls on the roof, hence not many posts either....!

Smart eh


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