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Monday, 26 August 2013

Mostly inventing

A quick lunch of leftovers to satisfy hungry kids. I had the crusts from a summer pudding
and my chooks lovely eggs so eggy bread chips for lunch. It was a sucess
More eggy and ingenious ways to satisfy breakfast whining! Blueberry pancakes thrown together

And some more quick thinking to use up lots of little shallots picked about 4weeks ago.

I stumbled upon a recipe for sweet pickled balsamic shallots in a preserves and quickly whipped up 2 jars of these goodies. Lets hope they are just right for christmas.

Over and out for now.


Thursday, 15 August 2013

Mostly Falalfels

My family don't like broad beans that much but insist on feeding them to them anyway ! So when I saw a nice recipe in Alys Fowlers new book Abundance I decided to have a bash it it. The recipe is here on this link from The BBC Gardening blog.




Sunday, 11 August 2013

Mostly Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Apart from our christmas trip to the Watfordia Palace for a dose of panto, we try to do a show each summer, mainly in honour of O's birthday. This year our lovely, talented and glamourous neighbour Kate ( I hate her, no only kidding) is in the Sam Mendes production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Its been shrouded in secrecy esp the Oompa Loompas and Kate has not been able to tell us anythng about it. owever finally we got ourselves organised and went to see it last weds and got a backstage tour too! Hurrah and double hurrah!

At the stage door and with ridiculously large lollipops from Hope and Greenwood opposite! (They must be raking it in!)

Having real theatre make up put on in a real stage dressing room.

Lolli with matching make up!

In the box, oer posh or what?

It was a fab night, hugely entertaining and we had a great time. Kate was really good in her understudy role of Mrs TeeVee which was the first time she had performed it and I am sure she got all the best lines, along with grandma George. Thanks for a memorable evening.