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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Mostly kids art

Now Autumn is definitely here it seems like the summer hols are a distant memory already. we did have great weather and plently of days out. A few crafty creations here and there. A short selection below.

Robot cards by j and me. Quite fun to do and will be good for birthday cards.

Art on your legs! Well why not? Well maybe not the day before you go back to school. Now he has a plaster on each knee instead of art, but that is a different story.

Scary monsters from a halloween book that j is obsessed with!

One of our best days out were at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich.

This pic cracks me up. Very Quentin Blake!

Detox starts monday, wish me luck!


Friday, 6 September 2013

Mostly preserving

Oh crikey it is a bumper year for fruit and my freezer is full already. I am seriously considering bottling as an alternative. Anyway a pic of seasonal goodies from garden and allotment. Chickens seem extra hungry at the moment so they are getting lots of treats and leaves.

Today i made damson liqueur, froze damson puree and made Alys Fowlers roasted plum jam with cardamon and vanilla. Very yum from her great new book Abundance. She is a great one for bottling so i may take the plunge.

Homemade ratatouille on homemade burgers with mozzarella and sriracha chilli sauce. Nice. There are a lot of crumbles and ratatouille in our house at the moment!


Mostly magazines

Ah my guilty pleasure, thrown in with the supermarket shop at the last minute, read with pleasure and impatience over a cup of coffee. I've been meaning to review some of the burgeoning UK Craft scene magazines but there are so many these days. Also they often start off fab and then trail off into mediocre or worse just fill up with stuff from blogs or recently published craft books (annoying when you have just bought the book: another guilty pleasure but lets not go there now!)

Anyway in the interests of economy i have found a very lovely website of freely published journals, catalogues magazines etc on a hugely eclectic range of topics and have found a few real good items on offer FOR FREE!!! ISSUU is home to the world of open publishing, thank you e-media and the world wide web!

Heart Home is very lovely for interior design and has free past issues, whats not to love? Its UK based too so some items, and artists are findable and recognisable.

91 mag another UK lifestyle mag with focus on vintage interiors and design. Lots of free past issues in the archive.

Emma mag tagline A HOW-TO GUIDE FOR THE MODERN DOMESTIC is USA based but v cool and a nice mix of topics, and more free subscription and back issues. Whoohoo.

Tickle the imagination an aussie mag with different themes. Still to explore all the back issues but looks very yummy.

I've mentioned Covet Garden before but it is a lovely browse so here is the link again

So why store paper magazine ever again when these lovelies are on offer. There are loads of other types of mag on offer too ( i even spotted one on mens underwear trends oer!) so check it out.