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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Mostly Autumn Pursuits

Every year these pop up on our local heath. And every year I look at them and wonder what they are and can I pick them. And every year I leave them well alone ... Just in case. One day I will find out what they kind of mushrooms they are...

I have been doing a little gardening for a friend, who has lovely chickens. I did some winter planted baskets for her and was pretty pleased with the outcome. Then the sun came out, on probably the last nice day of Autumn. I hope the chooks haven't picked them to pieces!

O picked some pretty flowers to give to Grandma as I picked the last beans and sweetcorn at the allotment. Lovely flowers and girl.
A lunchtime treat, post my Forever Living Aloe Vera detox. After 9 days of aloe, bee pollen and milk shakes, I did manage to lose a few kilos. The last tomatoes from our garden with some Mozzarella and basil and low fat Cesar dressing. Yum.

And finally before this turns into a food or gardening blog, I give you some sewing. I have lost my sewing mojo recently folks. Too many other things to do to feel remotely creative. These are basic little bags via Vlitig's website.

Not sure who will be the recipient yet....


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