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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Mostly Diana Henry

I've just discovered the food writer Diana Henry. A bit late in the day I know. I saw Salt Sugar Smoke in the library and was hooked on her writing style and exotic recipes that are just that bit different from other peoples. She has been a columnist on the Sunday Telegraph (not my normal reading) and written several books. I just made the Chilli flecked Apple Jelly from this preserves book and intend to make some more, as it's delicious. I also managed to borrow Food from Plenty which is very inspirational. She is very much a look in the cupboard and see what you have rather than a cheffy pretentious foodie.

The butternut squash lasagne from Food From Plenty was made for lunch today with mushrooms, spinach, onion squash and feta and some homemade tomato sauce from the freezer. Yum

We have plenty of squash and chillies!!

It has been a busy week. O made her Brownie Promise on weds which was lovely. She really enjoyed it and was so happy during the ceremony. J won a little award at his karate class for the best in class that night. The smile on his face says it all.

Stokie Bloke and I are redecorating our bedroom so have decamped to the guest room. We had to strip the lining paper so let the kids colour themselves in on the wall before it gets papered over.

Slightly influenced Star Wars pose and a Spice Girls rock chick! Hilarious...


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