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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Mostly outdoors

We've taken the opportunity to be outside when the sun shines as the weather has still been so mild. We went to a fab bonfire at the allotment with nana oatcakes and lucky mark who were visiting.There was some mulled wine too and we burnt alot of the fallen trees and waste wood on the site. The bonfire was spectacular!


Next day a super sunny walk over the local fields. It was muddy and mild and windy and there were lots of fallen trees to climb on.i also awarded a foragers badge to the kids for sloe picking! Its been a bumper year.

More sloe gin coming up and a Liqueur de Boisses, sloe liqueur from Diana Henry's book "Salt, sugar, smoke" . A super book with lots of unusual recipes in it. I also see River Cottage Booze is out..... If anyone wants to buy me it for xmas...... Just sayin' !!!!!


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