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Monday, 8 September 2014

Mostly upcycling furniture

Heres a lovely mirror bought from homesense but it was the wrong colour so I annie sloan it in graphite and then didnt distress it but just varnished it with a matt varnish. Now in our living room.

This mirror is in our hall. Bought a large gold frame from SueRyder Nettlebed sales for £50. Then re mirrored it for £30 and painted two coats of country grey annie sloan and distress and wax. When i repaint the hall white it will stand out more and if i prefer i can always paint over it in the graphite colour which i really like too.



Like this one, seen i. A mag! And it looks like our bathroom so i may do a mirror like this for our bathroom too! I ll need another pot of graphite paint though...





Two old oak dining chairs which i picked up for free locally. Painted in annie sloan Aubusson blue. With old white under. Now i ve recovered the seat in Laura ashley Dalton Franch Grey fabric and done the other of the pair. I ll be selling them i think as we dont have room for them.... Any takers?


Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Mostly in the garden

We ve had a fabulous summer so far but lots of work watering as its benn so dry. Also we are harvesting early as things like plums damsons and blackberries and raspberries are ready already!!! Here are some instagrams of the most sucessful crops this year.

This years salads chopped with homegrown leaves, spring cabbages, mangetout, cucumbers dressed with chimichurri sauce.
O choose to plant the spring cabbages, 9 lovely specimens!
Courgette , lemon and blueberry cake with half butter half oil. Also bluberries from the garden or later in the season blackberries are nice instead.

Family of courgettes! These are nickys picked while she was on holiday!

Beetroot very sucessful this year too, chiogga non bleeding italian variety

Tayberries from june time, first crop and very impressive!

Enjoy your gardens and their produce this summer. X


Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Mostly France

My lovely friend nicki has just sold her apartment in St Gervais, in the shadow of mont blanc. She asked if i would like a weekend away with her as she finalised the sale. No doubting my reply. We had superb weather and a lovely bit of french retail therapy and delicious food.

We travelled on the mont blanc mountain tram, very quaint, though nicki says very steep and hair raising further up the line ( we only did a 10 min trip).

Fondue and lots of mountain produce was consumed and made me re-live happy days spent in meribel on the ski season the Stokie Bloke and I did way back.Iles flottant, one of my favourite desserts EVER!

Our daily dose of ice cream;deciding the flavour was always tricky as they all looked so lovely.



Thursday, 26 June 2014

Mostly crafting for My Crafty Soul

My super lovely friend Zola has set up a craft workshop at the medicine garden in Cobham. She has managed it with no home, having been flooded 6 months ago and still not back in. Her sister has had twins and she has been visiting them alot and she has two jobs! Well I am in awe! My Crafty Soul is her new business; check her out on Facebook and the wonderweb.
I ve made some patchwork cushions for her from our old sofa feather cushions. I also got some brilliantly cheap Roald Dahl fabric and made lined aprons with them. Stupid me forgot to photograph them! They're hanging in the shop now!
I am hoping to run some classes on upcycling. Bunting, washbags and aprons.yeah!

Here is a lovely paper doily butterfly that O made at My Crafty Soul's half term craft drop in.

Happy birthday for tomorrow my lovely, crafty friend!!!



Monday, 26 May 2014

Mostly living room

Its nearly nearly done. Stokie Bloke did an awesome job on the units, floor, painting and new multimedia system. I organised the reupholstery of the sofas, painted the coffee table and storage unit and made the rug choice, organised the shelving and have started sorting some art work. Still to sort, mirror, more art and curtains.

Outside is looking nice too, though this was a month or so back when the bulbs were all out.


Mostly star wars

Its birthday time again. I was feeling uninspired and J wanted a Star Wars party. By the end of an evening on pinterest my creative juices were flowing again. There is so much opportunity for Star Wars themed games, food, dressing up etc it was hard to know when to stop! Here's a selection. I have some templated i can mail if you want to copy these ideas. Most of them are copied from other clever mummies on pinterest.

The birthday boy, one of my fave pics of him ever by sarah badger. Cake curtesy of Natasha's cakes, my lovely neighbour. I made Padawan robes for the 6 boys. Easy and cheap with Ikea muslin.

Pin the light sabre on Yoda. Drawn by Stokie Bloke as usual. Card light sabres with double sided tape for sticking. Boys starting to cheat at this game too much now they are over 6!

Bubble wars; homemade light sabres made with with plumbing supplies and a bubblewand and Darth Vader. They could have played this all weekend!

Rebuilding R2d2. I made one for them to copy and cut out all the templates and popped them in a bag. The kids took a while to realise they could make their own not just copy mine then they got stuck in.

They also loved wordsearch and drawing fromthe Star website.

Need i say more....

Wookie cookies.... Not they were not "chewie"..... Haha thanks simon.

Thanks to Rhoda for loaning the costumes. They definitely made it!

6 very happy boys. I was even asked to host another star wars party later in the year!!! Haha i only go to such lengths for my boy, though you can easily reproduce all of this yourselves.


Friday, 25 April 2014

Mostly Easter

Sorry for lack of blogging but more of that another time and my last post didnt load so grrrr. A quick Easter roundup.

From boring easter egg to grown up chocolate slab in three easy steps.


1. Smash egg preferably plain choc not milk

2. Melt choc by whichever method you desire and pour liquid choc onto a tin lined with greaseproof paper.

3. Add your toppings of choice such as nuts, dried fruit, marshmallows, honeycomb other smashed up choc and pat down so it sticks and chill. Nb salt pepper and chilli and other spices all work well too sprinkled on the top.

Enjoy once throroughly set in the fridge. Small shards broken off are best, but who am I to tell you how to eat chocolate??!!!

Easter bunny from martha stewart website just waiting to be sewn up. I think i ll give him a cute tail too. martha misses a trick there.

Cute bunny card made by j.

Easter bunny in nice charity shop basket for £2

O and friend e playing easter egg hunt!

Kissing easter bunny bunting

Animal plant pots from tetrapacks. Planted with pumpkins that are now up.

Easter egg card by O and me. Made for our crafts days with friends over the easter hols.

And thats a wrap. X