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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Mostly theatre and diy

Arthur Pita's The Little Match Girl


We went to see this beautiful,mesmerizing performance on saturday afternoon, at our local theatre, Watford Palace Theatre. I was a bit worried that I would blub, as afterall it is one of Hans Christian Andersen's saddest stories and I am prone to weep at Lassie films and the like, but the magical ending really helped! J was unimpressed as there was too much dancing, despite an astronuat and space buggy appearance but the resto of us girls thought it was fabulous; well worth a last minute booking. The music by Frank Moon was very clever and evocative, the dancing, singing and set all wonderful. I am still humming Nonna Luna even now....

The review from the Guardian is here.

It will also play, Exeter, Nottingham and Canterbury and is well worth the visit.

Otherwise we are topsy turvey in the house as Stokie Bloke creates our new living room. new oak flooring, paint in Cahlly downs no 3 again and alcove units. It s meant lots of flooring research, new tv and routing of sky wiring, new speakers etc etc and moving into the kids playroom for a few months. It's all good, though there a layer of sawdust everywhere.....! Now trying to find a reasonable price to reupholster the sofa. Its a nightmare, as its a good quality suite but extortionate prices mean it may be cheaper to buy new, which is a sad act of life. It is also a job too big for me. I am still trying to find time to start a roman blind as i have been painting with Stokie Bloke all week.

I did find time to refurbish a chair for our newly completed bedroom. Thats is the beauty of Annie Sloan paint, speedy and effective. The fabric is from the new bed headboard. More on that soon. I also remembered to do a before and after picture! The fabric is Laura Ashley's Dalton in French Grey and the seat pad was easier than expected. Stokie Bloke was mildly impressed.

Unprepossesing but only 10£

Lastly some decopatch was did with our friends last week when we had an inset day. It is very effective and we bought some more letters in the Hobbycraft sale. Also the mosaic kits, which kept my two quiet for a good 1-2 hours.....



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