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Monday, 3 March 2014

Mostly hearts

I know its been ages since I managed to post anything but we have been focusing on finishing off our living room, which we moved out of on boxing day! We have finally agreed to re-upholster our 15 year old sofas. but we are sending them to Stoke to save a few hundred quid!anyway the wooden flooring was down last post and next the units Dave made were finished along with the walls. I have artistically filled the shelves with books and now am focussing on fabric and rug combo. We've painted our old pine coffee table bargain and stokie bloke found some lovely door knobs for everything. Stokie bloke then took advantage of the floor protection stuff that was down in the room to get me a valentines day present of my own painting kit!!! Very cool by me, as I get fed up looking for all his stuff in the shed and van.
Table now painted in Farrow and Ball floor paint in Cornforth which gives a durable finish with a bit of shine.
This is the before. I remembered at last to take two pics!
Photos of alcove units to follow on a future post.

My present to Dave. He likes cheese and wood so he appreciated this.

These hearts were hanging in a local craft shop window. It would be nice to figure out how to make them, they look pretty easy and i like them sewn together to hang up.

Last set of hearts on o's duvet. These two monkeys too over our bed for a reading morning. So cute. We had a big reading half term, which sandwiched both of them having a puking bug! I feel like i have been inside forever.... Cant wait to get out and about again soon.


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