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Monday, 26 May 2014

Mostly star wars

Its birthday time again. I was feeling uninspired and J wanted a Star Wars party. By the end of an evening on pinterest my creative juices were flowing again. There is so much opportunity for Star Wars themed games, food, dressing up etc it was hard to know when to stop! Here's a selection. I have some templated i can mail if you want to copy these ideas. Most of them are copied from other clever mummies on pinterest.

The birthday boy, one of my fave pics of him ever by sarah badger. Cake curtesy of Natasha's cakes, my lovely neighbour. I made Padawan robes for the 6 boys. Easy and cheap with Ikea muslin.

Pin the light sabre on Yoda. Drawn by Stokie Bloke as usual. Card light sabres with double sided tape for sticking. Boys starting to cheat at this game too much now they are over 6!

Bubble wars; homemade light sabres made with with plumbing supplies and a bubblewand and Darth Vader. They could have played this all weekend!

Rebuilding R2d2. I made one for them to copy and cut out all the templates and popped them in a bag. The kids took a while to realise they could make their own not just copy mine then they got stuck in.

They also loved wordsearch and drawing fromthe Star website.

Need i say more....

Wookie cookies.... Not they were not "chewie"..... Haha thanks simon.

Thanks to Rhoda for loaning the costumes. They definitely made it!

6 very happy boys. I was even asked to host another star wars party later in the year!!! Haha i only go to such lengths for my boy, though you can easily reproduce all of this yourselves.


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