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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Mostly crafting for My Crafty Soul

My super lovely friend Zola has set up a craft workshop at the medicine garden in Cobham. She has managed it with no home, having been flooded 6 months ago and still not back in. Her sister has had twins and she has been visiting them alot and she has two jobs! Well I am in awe! My Crafty Soul is her new business; check her out on Facebook and the wonderweb.
I ve made some patchwork cushions for her from our old sofa feather cushions. I also got some brilliantly cheap Roald Dahl fabric and made lined aprons with them. Stupid me forgot to photograph them! They're hanging in the shop now!
I am hoping to run some classes on upcycling. Bunting, washbags and aprons.yeah!

Here is a lovely paper doily butterfly that O made at My Crafty Soul's half term craft drop in.

Happy birthday for tomorrow my lovely, crafty friend!!!



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