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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Xmas roundup

Just clearing some pics from the old ipad and thought i d do an xmas roundup.

Elas and olaf in Hama beads by O - well done!


Lots of xmas baking this year. Stollen was from James Morten's bread book and very good.

Small xmas ginger biscuits went down a storm with the kids. Recipe is from a tesco magazine with extra spice added.

An xmas cake with bow design! Found a vintage Spode plate in a C shop for £4, so it looked nice on there.

Some messy jam tarts for the non mince pie loving crowd.

Makingwise i did homemade crackers which were v popular this year and filked with homemade lavender soaps and vintage silk bow ties, yep from the C shop £1 each! I made a willow tree and we added decorations each day advent style. Some were chocolate and others had outings on the number cards. The kids enjoyed it and it looked really effective lit up.


Gift tags from paint samples with button toppers, these were very effective, wish I had made more.sharon and i had a great afternoon card making which was the inspiration for these.



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